Buildings’ Energy Efficiency

zero energy consumption

Buildings are responsible for about 40% of total energy consumption. Buildings that are more than 25 years old usually do not have any insulation in their building envelope. The required energy by these buildings is significantly higher than in modern buildings.

The energy upgrade of these buildings can help reduce their energy consumption by up to 90%. Near – zero energy buildings have a primary energy consumption of up to 15 kWh/m² while a building of G energy class can consume 250 kWh/m². All new buildings constructed currently should be design with near – zero energy consumption. It is obvious that energy upgrading of buildings would dramatically reduce energy needs.

Zeus Helios can undertake any work related to the buildings’ upgrade of energy efficiency, regardless of their use. The company will study the existing energy situation of the building and propose measures for their energy upgrade to maximize energy savings at the lowest possible cost (cost – benefit analysis).

It makes interventions concerning the building’s envelope, insulation and frames, interventions concerning the heating and cooling of the building, DHW (Hot Water Supply), lighting and, solar assisted heating.

Zeus Helios can provide building energy efficiency  consulting services to large organizations with high energy consumption in order to propose significant reductions in consumption in the buildings where their facilities are located.

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