Its executives having extensive know – how and 15 years of experience

Zeus Helios Electricity Company designs and offers turn key solutions from 1 kW to 100 MW photovoltaic systems for electricity generation. The company's executives have extensive expertise and 15 years of experience and are able to successfully manage challenging market conditions due to increased investment interest and limited electrical space. Solutions are provided that are tailored to the needs of each project so that it can be completed successfully.

The product line offered is largely based on the company’s own imports, due to the concentration of global production in China, trying to achieve cost reduction for its customers as well as ensuring the quality that the products should provide. All modern technologies and higher conversion rate and longer product life of solar to electricity are pursued with N type TOPCON, Heterojunction panels. It offers different products for residential projects, commercial and industrial as well as large scale (utility scale) projects.

The company offers EPC services for the construction of any type of project with competitive terms and always with the client’s needs in mind. It also builds projects of its own property being itself convinced of the profitability of photovoltaic technology. It offers financing solutions up to the construction of the project in cooperation with specialized partners.


Concentrated Solar Power

Solar heat/cooling systems

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