Repowering Europe

The company actively promotes agrivoltaic projects for the cultivation of land with parallel production of electricity from photovoltaic systems in accordance with the Repowering Europe programme. The expansion of photovoltaic systems should be done in a sustainable way and not in competition with the cultivation of the land.

The coexistence of land cultivation alongside energy production is beneficial for both activities, leading to a result superior to the separate activity. The existence of plants, also, helps energy production by reducing the temperature coefficient of the panels, and the existence of the panels helps the plants in their reduced need for water due to the semi – shaded conditions.

Zeus Helios participates in research proposals for the cultivation of abandoned, no longer cultivated, desertificated land with the parallel installation of photovoltaics, studying the interaction of the two activities. The company promotes the agrivoltaic solution in collaboration with research institutes and universities in Cyprus, Greece, Germany and USA


Concentrated Solar Power

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