Circular Economy Solutions


Zeus Helios is involved in waste management projects, aiming to maximise reuse, recovery and recycling in a model that seeks to achieve the European target of reducing landfills to 10% of all waste treatment by 2035.

The company is exploring schemes to produce energy from waste by proposing waste to energy solutions. Zeus Helios proposes also solutions for the utilization of organic waste to produce biogas and compost. Biogas can be used to produce biofuel and for use in the automotive sector or for cogeneration. The compost can be used as fertilizer for cultivation, so that the organic waste is completely reused for various purposes.

Always with a focus on sustainability and minimizing pollution, the company is involved in solutions for the recovery of all materials. For the waste that cannot be recycled in any other way, the company proposes incineration and energy recovery of the waste that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills. In this way, the aim is to use 100% of the waste. Because the incineration process can produce other harmful air pollutants, the company promotes solutions to use these pollutants in other activities, such as growing algae that use these pollutants to grow. This results to zero emissions and therefore zero pollution.

By applying a circular economy model, which uses a total cost model that takes into account environmental and social value in addition to economic costs, the company promotes solutions for the reuse or recycling of all waste in a closed loop. This economic model aims to ensure that the limited raw materials on earth are not depleted, as their reuse ensures that waste generation is slowed down.

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