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Hybrid Projects

The company has been involved in the design of complex projects using different technologies to produce electricity and heat (CHP), producing energy from photovoltaic, wind and, biogas. Storage devices such as lithium battery or thermal storage or both are part of the necessary complement to achieve the energy transition from fossil fuel energy sources to non – dispatchable sources such as renewable energy sources.

Hybrid projects use different energy sources with a holistic approach to achieve the optimal result. This means an uninterrupted supply of energy that overcomes the limitations of non-continuous production. In each project, the available renewable energy sources and its potential optimized usage should be explored. The aim of these projects is to operate plants at a level comparable to that of thermoelectric power plants. The existence of an uninterrupted source of energy or storage facilities is in any case essential in this type of project.

The company works with leading companies to offer thermal energy storage solutions to provide long term storage and subsequent use of the heat and/ or electricity generation. This solution will have extensive application in the period of energy transition as this system can be fed with cheap energy from photovoltaic or wind farms, convert it into thermal energy and store it in suitable storage facilities. The thermal energy storage system solution reaches a temperature of up to 1000⁰C and is suitable for power plant production, industrial plants that need process heat, in thermoelectric power plants, in district heating and cooling networks and in many other different economic activities that have a high heat demand.

Zeus Helios proposes short term energy storage solutions with a chemical battery to achieve the normalization of electricity production. Energy storage solutions help normalize electricity prices in the evening hours when prices are high. Solutions at the large project level also contribute to the balance of the electricity market by increasing the security of the system. At the residential system level, they help to ensure that power is available in the event of a grid problem, as well as, help with electrification by promoting charging electric cars and other energy – intensive appliances.

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